Benjamin Arcioli

  • Freelance Documentary Filmmaker
  • Social Entrepreneur at Verdestino
  • Video Consultant  & Videojournalism Trainer  


  • 2023 RIAS-TV Award

„Ramstein – Die Doku“ SWR / ARD / EcoMedia with Hans Jakob Rausch

  • 2020 BVKJ-Medienpreises

„dreihundertsechzig - Schulhof der Hoffnung“, NDR with Katrin Hafemann, Julian Amershi and  Stefanie Gromes

  • 2016 Hans Strothoff Journalistenpreis

„Im Verkauf“, NDR with Stefanie Gromes


Strategic Communicator:

My skills in developing and implementing communication strategies have been refined through my work as the founder of Verdestino and my career as a journalist. I have demonstrated how targeted communication can strengthen a brand and effectively transport a message.

Storytelling Expert:

Stories are the key to connecting people with ideas. My experience in documentary filmmaking and my work as an independent reporter have improved my ability to transform complex subjects into captivating narratives. A notable example is my contribution to the award-winning production "Ramstein - Die Doku," which won the RIAS TV Award in 2023.

Digital Media Presence:

I understand the dynamics of the digital media landscape and know how to leverage digital platforms and social media as powerful communication tools. As a member of Impact Hub Hamburg and the founder of Verdestino, I have built and managed our media presence to effectively tell our story.

Teamwork & Self-Motivation:

Through my collaboration with various teams and my self-initiative in founding Verdestino, I have demonstrated my ability to work both independently and as part of a team. My intrinsic motivation to drive positive change always propels me to bring out the best in myself.