my work fields

Freelance Documentary Filmmaker

I have proudly served as a freelance documentary filmmaker for esteemed German television networks such as ARD, NDR, SWR, and more since 2007.

My expertise in filmmaking includes:

  • Captivating visual storytelling and videojournalism expertise.
  • Mastery in crafting engaging stories and program development.
  • Proficiency in full-spectrum video production and post-production across TV, online, and social media

Social Entrepreneur AT verdestino

In 2021, I made a conscious decision to initiate a socially impactful project in Colombia as a side project. 
Combining my expertise in storytelling and video production, I have launched a purpose-driven project: a marketplace dedicated to sourcing natural and ethically traded goods from regions affected by conflict in Colombia.

This journey has just begun, and I am excited about the path ahead.


Video Consultant & VJ-Trainer

As a video consultant, my passion lies in mentoring companies, entrepreneurs, and foundations in crafting their own compelling video content. My services includes:

  • Enhancing their video proficiency, covering camera operation and video editing.
  • Dispensing great storytelling techniques and strategies.
  • Strategically devising and producing tailored video solutions to meet their unique requirements